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In 2021 PanasyukLab has got another tradition – a weekly FIKA! No one can resist a great cake!!! Our recipe book is getting bigger and bigger:) We all are now for a hunt for new adventurous ingredients

25 June 2021 We are honored to host Prof. Charna Dibner as our invited external speaker in INEM
28 May 2021 Nate is going to present his mid-PhD progress to CSI committee. We are looking forward to discussion with Prof. Sagi Shapira and Dr. Jean-Sebastien Annicotte
19 May, 26 May, 3 June, 25 June 2021 Ganna is going to serve as the CSI committee member to mid-thesis progress presentations…many exciting findings to see and discuss
18 June 2021 Ganna will serve as a PhD thesis reviewer for the defense of Emmanuel Benichou
1 July 2021 Ganna will serve as a PhD thesis reviewer for the defense of Stavroula Zagkou
5 July The MetaboSENS team will be reinforced by summer student trainee Berengere Lemesre, a hot for discoveries summer ahead!

10 May 2021 Nate has been positively evaluated by the PhD school on his progress. The equator is passed!

7 May 2021 It was a great pleasure to host Prof. Markus Ralser as our Friday webinar invited speaker!

14 April 2021 Ganna gave lecture to MD students who are wishing to specialise in research on metabolic tricks of proliferating cells

25 March 2021 We had a fantastic opportunity to host an exceptional webinar by Ludovic Vallier as he discussed his team's progress deciphering the secrets of liver organoids.

16 March 2021 Ganna gave lecture to first year master students on metabolic tricks of proliferating cells

15 March 2021 MetaboSENS team has to say goodbye to Marco Hatem, who had to come back to Spain… we hope to see him back soon!

8 March 2021 Yui Shibayama after successfully passing the quarantine has finally joined MetaboSENS team for a fantastic year of research! First day and already into the ChIPing and a bit of sneaking around serious Alexis! 

11 February 2021  International Day of Women and Girls in Science! We are proud to be part of a growing scientific community to enjoy the fun of discovery!

 1 February 2021  We have got the funding to initiate a new collaborative project with Prof.Charna Dibner lab (PINUT)

 18 January 2021 Ganna gave a seminar at PARCC Institute, Paris, France 

 14 January 2021 Muriel Girard gave a presentation of her medical findings on «Les maladies vasculaires du foie de l'enfant» at National Congres GFHGNP (Groupe Francophone d'hépato-gastro nutrition pediatrique)

 11 January 2021 Nate gave his first big seminar at INEM institute. Great attendance and enthusiastic feedback! Go Nate!

Team 17 is in a Xmas-creation mood! All hands-on board to create our special Xmas card filled with love, aspirations and HappI3K 2021 wishes!

Special Thanks to Eric Le Gall from SFR-Necker Iconography platform who kindly printed our creation.


Team 17 is having super fun by decorating official INEM Xmas Tree!!! Lets holidays begin:)


Father Xmas came earlier to Team 17 this yeah! We have now new coffee machine proudly named PIPs

It is not like we have invented how to drink coffee masked (not yet!) but no virus can stop us of having a cool scientific chat with a great cuppa:) 

8 December Muriel Girard presented an overview of our findings "Atrésies des voies biliaires et pistes génétiques" at "Journée Nationale de la filère maladie rare Filfoie"

10 December Ganna gave a seminar at Cordeliers Institute, Paris, France. Great discussion with many ideas to explore!

3 December  Chantal has successfully defended her PhD thesis!!! We all proud of you Dr. Alkhoury! Fantastic defense and a bright future ahead!

3 December Our first custom made surprising knock-in Vps15 mouse model arrived! So exciting! Cannot wait to see the phenotype:)

2 December Marco Hatem has won the NanoString grant for transcriptional analyses of novel Biliary Atresia signatures. CONGRATULATIONS Marco!

24 November Ganna, Chantal and Alexis were interviewed by Marie Diop in frame of her Uni studies on what is to be a researcher at different stages. It was great to share our experience! Thank you, Marie, for your keen interest!

20 November Panasyuk lab is proud recipient of a joint with Dr. Charna Dibner lab funding for bilateral exchange from PHC Germaine de Staël 2021, Campus France. Looking forward for 2 years of exciting collaborative research!


2 November Ganna gave a course at Diderot University (Paris, France) presenting the links of the metabolism and signalling pathways – great zoom discussions! As always stimulating and joyful atmosphere!


1 November Edouard le Guillou has started in MetaboSENS team his exciting PhD thesis adventure on lysosomal class 3 PI3K and its implication in lysosomal storage diseases – GO Edouard!

Happy summer snaps of MetaboSENS team

Art happy hour of the MetaboSENS team

26 June 2020 Ganna gave a zoom-seminar at Necker Campus Online Seminar series: "ZOOMing into novel metabolic functions of PI3K signaling"

MetaboSENS team is back to the lab stronger as ever. Welcome to Dr. Marco Hatem who has joined our team!

During confinement, we are all finding creative ways to get work done!
From our couch, artistically drinking coffee, on our balcony…or making baguettes… 

MetaboSENS heroes will go long ways we get mission accomplished!

Annotation 2020-03-30 163425jpg

Away from labbench means even closer to nutrients and creative cooking for all MetaboSENS team! It makes a perfect sense that in this confinement we stimulate our metabolism with delicious calories from home made fresh pasta, pancakes, and baguettes to tempt class 3 PI3K.

Annotation 2020-03-30 163358jpg

27 March 2020 We had a lively discussion in our first journal club where all presented diverse research subjects from novel heat resistant proteins, bioluminescent squid, to autophagy in plants. It’s important to look to other fields of research to expand your view and that could stimulate your curiousity.

Annotation 2020-03-30 163043jpg

One-to-one meetings are a must, even two-to-one meetings with the PI as well!

Annotation 2020-03-30 161845-4jpg

25 March 2020 In our first virtual team meeting, Nate gave us an exciting look at where he is on his project, and what new ideas he has to follow once we are all back in the lab!

Annotation 2020-03-30 161845-3jpg

13 March 2020 In response to the current global health emergency, we decided to prepare our own hand sanitizer.

Annotation 2020-03-30 161845jpg

11 March 2020 We were all extremely happy to have a student visiting our lab. Hopefully, we convinced her to become a great scientist in the years to come. Nate gave her some helpful tips next time she will make gels!

Annotation 2020-03-30 160903-3jpg

10 March 2020 Ganna gave a course at Descartes Medical University (Paris, France) presenting the metabolic adaptations in growth.

28 February 2020 Congratulations to Konstantina for officially obtaining her MSc with the specialty of “Molecular and Cellular Biology” from Sorbonne Université of Paris.

Annotation 2020-03-30 160903-2jpg

25 February 2020  Chantal presented one of the papers that has inspired her greatly on the circadian clock and the timing of feeding at our INEM Pizza Club seminar!

Annotation 2020-03-30 160903jpg

End of February, double birthday in the team! Happy birthday Alioune and Ganna. More cool wishes for Team 17 to come true.


18 February 2020 Alioune has successfully presented his on-going MSc project at INEM young researcher meeting. Five months of great productive work to come.


13-14 February 2020 All team has enjoyed the networking with an amazing line up of speakers at INEM Inauguration Symposium “FROM INTEGRATIVE BIOLOGY



6 February 2020 Congratulations to Dr. Muriel Girard who has defended her HDR degree. New research horizons are open for her to lead an exciting project on rare

liver diseases of children.


4 February 2020 Chantal has done an excellent seminar at INEM summarising the past three years of her PhD project craft. Great story to tell to world.

31 January 2020 Nate has presented his thesis project at INEM PhD student day. Lots of interest and cool questions from audience! Go BIG Nate!


15 January 2020 Congratulations to Nate for getting an official MSc! Thanks to Dr. Alexandre Benmerah for doing such excellent job with Master 2 course, Spécialité «Biologie et Développement Cellulaires», Universités Paris Descartes et Paris Diderot.


Here we are the MetaboSENS team-2019 saying goodbye to a great year 2019 and anticipating fantastic 2020!

3-6 December 2019 Ganna presented the team work at the workshop during MBSJ2019 conference held in Fukuoka, Japan. Exciting meeting of Molecular Biology society of Japan. Huge crowds of scientists exchanging great science that Japan develops. Many many many new connections that will bud into potential collaborations.

2 December 2019 Ganna has given a seminar at Osaka University, Osaka, Japan.

Great interactions with staff members and undergrad students! Special “thank you” to Professor Tamotsu Yoshimori and members of his team for warm hospitality.

1 December 2019 We all are mega happy to welcome Konstantina Antoniadou as an Engineer Assistant in our team.

Ganna has won INSERM DR2 (Directeur de Recherche class 2) position that is equivalent of full professor position in France.

Great recognition of our team work, our national and international competitiveness and huge honour and opportunity to our team to keep contributing to top science conducted at INSERM. INSERM is truly an equal opportunity employer with Ganna being one of the youngest female researchers who has obtained DR2 position.

22 November 2019 Ganna participated in Séminaire recherche AP-HP. Centre - Université de Paris – Hôpital Necker.

14-15 November 2019 Ganna gave a plenary lecture at Swiss Endocrinology- Diabetes annual meeting. Great atmosphere, fantastic talks and more new connections.

7 November 2019 DECLICS 2019 is launched. This year Chantal and Nate proudly represented our team in this essential dissemination activity.

1 November 2019 We all are mega happy to welcome Ines Partouche in our team.


29-30 October 2019 Ganna gave a talk at LIMNA symposium on “Emerging topics and technologies in metabolism” (Lausanne, Switzerland). Great feedback and

Special thanks to the organizers for setting up the meeting session with the PhD students of LIMNA network.


10 October 2019 Ganna gave a seminar at Cochin Institute, Paris, France.

October month is a month of moving our MetaboSENS lab to new premises in Descartes Medical School on Necker Hospital Campus.

First experiment!

Unpacking and first deliveries of new equipment!

Packing the old lab!

18-19 September 2019  BREAKING NEWS

We ARE MOVING to great, amazing, cool, super new premises of INEM institute in newly refurbished Descartes Medical School on Necker Hospital Campus. The moment that we have waited for 6 years is finally fast approaching. Last boxes to pack and we all are looking forward to settle in new amazing lab!

new building 2jpg

1 September 2019, Anton has finished his postdoctoral training in our team and will embark on exciting postdoctoral journey to new research horizons! We all wish him the brightest future in all his beginnings!

24-28 August 2019, Ganna and Chantal have had a fantastic time at EBRS meeting in Lyon!

It was a mega great meeting of super top-tier science, old friends and tasty food!!! Million of new ideas, great feedback on our project and more collaborative links. This is just living scientific dream life!

Lyon Conferencejpg

Nate has won a highly competitive three-year PhD Fellowship from French Government to fund his thesis project!!!! We are mega proud for Nate’s achievements and are looking forward to open more champagne bottles for many more discoveries!!!


4 July 2019 Ganna has participated at one-day workshop organized by Le Point de Contact National ERC at Ministere de l'Enseignement Superieur, de la Recherche et de l'Innovation, Paris, France.

24 June 2019 CONGRATULATIONS to Nate Henneman, who has obtained an amazing 19.0/20 grade for his MSc thesis work conducted in our team. Nate is also ranked second in his Master 2 program “Biologie et Développement Cellulaires” at University of Paris Descartes, Paris, France. All this is a music to our ears :))) Well done, Nate! Hard work and determination always pay off!!!

21 June 2019 Had a great team-moment together for a picnic during Fete de la Music at Park Montsouris


15 June 2019 
We are super happy to welcome Alexis Gadault who joins the team for one year as an Assistant Engineer!

12 June 2019 Ganna gave a seminar at Bichat Hospital at Centre de Recherche sur l’Inflammation (CRI), Paris, France.

6 June 2019 
Ganna gave a keynote closing speech on the YRLS 2019 conference (Young Researchers in Life Sciences - www.yrls.fr) at IMAGINE institute in Paris, France.

Chantal has won the best flash talk award during YRLS 2019 conference (Young Researchers in Life Sciences!!!! Congratulations for this cool achievement!



3 June 2019
We are super happy to welcome Alexandre Quesnoy, a final year student of L’école des ingénieurs en biotechnologies, who joins the team for two-month training!

 Chantal has won a highly competitive fellowship from La Fondation pour la recherche Médicale (FRM) to fund her last year of PhD training in the team! She celebrated with a style by throwing a fantastic HOUMOUS party with live cooking!!!


We are MEGA proud for her achievements and looking forward to more celebrations to come!!!!

24 May 2019 Ganna and Muriel participated at one-day meeting of Centre de Référence des Maladies Inflammatoires des Voies Biliaires et des Hépatites Auto-Immunes, Paris, France.

 14 May 2019 Ganna served as a reviewer at PhD thesis committee of Camille Ingargiola, IJPB INRA de Versailles. Versailles, France.

 12 April 2019 Ganna gave a seminar a s part of the “Barcelona Biomed Plenary Seminars” organized by IRB Barcelona and IBMB-CSIC IRB Barcelona, Spain.

27 March 2019 Ganna will give a course on metabolic addictions of cancer cells at Descartes Medical School.

12 March 2019 Ganna has an honour to be one of the first laureates of Fondation TOURRE (http://www.fondation-tourre.org/fr/). Every year it is a great pleasure to meet Michel Tourre, his friends, family and donors of this fantastic foundation that supports junior researchers.

Congratulations to this year laureates Dr. Yenkel GRINBERG-BLEYER and Dr. Géraldine GENTRIC! The warm moments of this gala banquet at the Salons de la Présidence of Paris-Descartes University will stay with me all year.

MEGA NEWS for our team!!!

Nature Communications manuscript is in press and what could be a better occasion to organize a great celebration with a buffet of traditional Ukrainian culinary delights! Thanks, Anton. More top discoveries (+tasty celebratory occasions) to come.

Nate has successfully defended his MSc (M2) project proposal in front of our Institute scientific panel. Now, 5 months of joyful intense research on class 3 PI3K!

17 December 2018 Ganna served as an external reviewer for the HDR defence of Dr. David Jacobi at L'institut du thorax, INSERM, CNRS, UNIV Nantes, (France)  

Congratulations to Dr. David Jacobi on his fantastic work and we are looking forward to develop further our collaboration.

11-13 December 2018 Ganna has participated at the Weizmann Institute of Science meeting "Timelines in Biology", Conference on Circadian Rhythms, Rehovot (Israel)

Great experience of being part of such dynamic and stimulating circadian community! More interactions to come!


5-7 December 2018, Ganna and the team hosted Dr. Masaaki Komatsu during his visit to Paris. Looking forward to publishing our story together to have even the bigger impact in our domain.

26 November 2018 Ganna chaired the session during the annual Necker Campus translational research SFR meeting at Imagine Institute. It was a great day of fantastic science display of Necker Hospital campus.

21-22 November 2018 Ganna visited TIGEM - Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, Naples, Italy  

It was an honour and great pleasure to give a seminar at TIGEM. And congratulations to Umberto Formisano who has successfully defended his PhD thesis work.


17-19 Oct 2018 CONGRATULATIONS to Chantal to has won the prize for her poster presentation at CFATG8 - 8èmes journées scientifiques de l'autophagie at La Grande Motte, France. We all proud for her success and more to come!

1 October 2018 Chantal has given the institutional seminar at INEM 

1 September 2018 A warm welcome to Nate Henneman, the newest addition to the class 3 PI3K team. Starting from this fall, Nate, will develop the Master thesis project that aims to unveil metabolic secrets of the class 3 PI3K. 

15 July 2018 CONGRATULATIONS to year 2018 graduates of our team

We are mega proud of your achievements:
Sylvia (grade 19/20) is going across the pond to London to continue with her MSc studies,
Camille (grade 18/20) is heading back to medical school in Strasbourg to pursuit her MD degree,
Edward (grade 17/20, ranked second in his master!) will start this fall his PhD thesis project at Versailles University.
Thanks a lot guys and sky is your limit!

26 June 2018 Ganna served as an external reviewer on the PhD thesis jury of Marion Regnier (University of Toulouse) 
11 June 2018 Ganna gave a seminar in Nice at C3M Institute

15 June 2018 Ganna gave a seminar in Nantes at Thorax Institute

31 May - 1 June 2018 We had a fantastic time at two-day INEM institute retreat 2018! Anton and Chantal have got a great feedback for their projects during the poster sessions!

The huge cherry on the top of the cake is that all our team-efforts into making photos for the first ever “INEM photo competition”have paid off a big deal!!!! We did incredibly well by winning First and Second Prizes!!!!! Hooray!!!! 

More scientific fun to come!


23 April 2018 Anton gave a seminar at INEM Institute

05 April 2018   Ganna was awarded the Trophée K2 Oncology 2018 from prestigious French not-for-profit organization Cercle-K2. Congratulations to all the team for the most recent recognition of our research success!  https://cercle-k2.fr/eng/home

13 March 2018 Ganna gave a lecture on the Course «The basis of tissue growth control» PhD School Bio Sorbonne Paris Cité

20-21 February 2018 Edward and Camille presented their M2 projects on INEM Master student mentoring day

8 January 2018 Master students Camille and Edward have joined the team for 6-month training! Welcome!!!!

15 Dec 2017 Ganna has obtained the INSERM award for the successes in research and management

5 December 2017 Ganna gave a talk at University of Fribourg Seminar series, Fribourg, Switzerland

27 November 2017 Ganna gave a talk at the 7th Scientific Days on autophagy (CFATG7), Paris

23 November 2017 This autumn we again participated in Déclics activity! It was great fun to share our research with lyceens!!! So rewarding to get challenged with unexpected questions and get a fresh view on what we are doing. Big thanks to Cercle FSER for this wonderful initiative:  http://www.cerclefser.org/fr/declics/

17 November 2017 Ganna gave a seminar at INRA Institute seminar series, Toulouse

9 November 2017 Ganna gave a talk at the Structure Federative de Recherche journee scientific at Necker Campus

30 October 2017 Sylvia joined the team for 6-month training! Welcome!!!!

25 – 29 September 2017 Ganna has won the poster award from a Science journal at EMBO conference: Autophagy: From molecular principles to human diseases, Cavtat-Dubrovnik, Croatia

6 July 2017 Ganna gave a talk at Symposium Jeunes chercheurs/ITMO Metabolism, Paris